The Quanta family of production freeze dryers has achieved the recognition of being the highest performing machines in the industry. Typical shelf freezing and vapor collecting capacities are unmatched. Coupled with this is our easy to use intuitive control system, the Lyomaster. Our units are fully validatable and built to cGMP guidelines.

We offer shelf areas from 3 to 300 plus square feet (.3 to 30 square meters) with  matching condensers to handle the most aggressive loads possible. Virtually all combinations of features and options are available.  

For pilot scale, research and development ,we offer the LyoMax, the Lyodryer and Lyolab family of freeze dryers. With a large combination of options, these units can be customized to meet most every application. The same Lyomaster control system  in our Quanta production freeze dryers is used to help minimized scaleup issues when transferring protocols from development into production. 


  • Stoppering or bulk configuration
  • Internal or external condensers
  • Plate or coil condenser design
  • Steam sterilization (SIP)
  • Clean-in-place (CIP)
  • 316L Stainless Steel Construction
  • Shelf temperatures -60 C (standard),  -75 C (optional)
  • Condenser temperatue -75 C,  -100 C (optional)
  • CFC-free refrigeration systems
  • IQ/OQ Validation
  • Auto-locking doors
  • Bellows seals
  • And more......